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The conversation we should have had

The conversation we should have had

Today my mum walked into my room while I was writing. And that’s how it went.
” what you’re doing?
– I’m writing.
– You’re writing?
– I am, hopefully I’ll be able to post something on the blog soon.
– What blog?
– The blog Mum, I told you about it!
– Oh right, that… I really don’t understand, what can you possibly write about?
[ I’m writing about you. About myself. About what you made of me.…

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That night in the field

That night in the field

I dreamt about these kids one night, these five kids playing around in a field, high on life, high on love.
And I was one of them.
I dreamt about the blond one always laughing and falling around because her body is always too slow for her volcanic soul, she’s crossing boundaries engaged in an assault course craving acceptance and diversity, but tonight, tonight she’s not falling, she’s flying,…

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As long as you smile

As long as you smile

You said my name and it made sense, I held your body against mine and it made sense. It didn’t make sense like two lovers waking up next to each other, not like two friends laughing together, but more like the sun rising in the East and setting in the West, or spring coming after winter.
Then you smiled, and it felt good. It felt good like the sun caressing my skin in the early morning, or like…

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I don’t like people, they make me feel sick, alone, angry. I don’t like who I am around them, I don’t like the person I pretend to be around them, and I hate who they are trying to be in front of me.

But there’s a special place for you. I like the person I am around you. I like that you’re honest, real and strong. I like that I can respect you. I like that you see what most people can’t. I like…

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He’s pain

He’s pain

It’s hurting, and he loves it, the pain.
He feels his chest tightening, his lungs begging for air, and he loves it, the pain.
Every beating of his heart stabs his rib cage, regular perforation, and he loves it, the pain.
His body is aching, his flesh bruised, his muscles sore, and he loves it, the pain.
He loves her, the pain.
He’s looking for her, the pain.
He needs her, the pain. He seeks her,…

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She’s here again, the invisible torpor, sneaking up behind me. I cannot see her, but I feel her fetid breath grazing the back of my neck. She embraces me, temporary shroud dazing me till life becomes a vague mirage.

She’s back again, the invisible torpor, cooling down my blood, making me shiver even though the sun is burning my skin. I can hear the dirge in the background, gloomy berceuse,…

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